Breeze is easy...
Here’s how Breeze Digital Signage benefits you...

Professional Content Services

For those that prefer not to create their own content or campaigns, Breeze Digital Signage offers a built-in content agency! We offer custom advertising, promotional and interactive campaigns with measurable ROI. Meaning: Great digital signage just got a lot easier. Partner with us and we’ll help you manage your next digital signage project, well… like a Breeze. View Keywest Creative portfolio.

Do-It-Yourself Content

If you are a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to content creation, Breeze Digital Signage was engineered for you, too. Simply upload your content to Breeze and manage it using our handy online editor. We also offer a client-side program called Breeze Designer to instantly build templates that you can adjust and upload with endless creative possibilities. In just a few minutes, you’re done!

Get Social

With Breeze Digital Signage, it’s easy to get social. Breeze comes with multiple widgets that read Twitter, media RSS, headline news feeds and provide weather forecasting plus much more! Custom widgets are also available to execute any business objective you may have.

Ease of Use

Of course ease-of-use was one of the primary reasons we engineered Breeze Digital Signage on a cloud-based platform. User permissions can be given for local-level control, and content zones can be segmented and assigned to separate users. The UI layout and scheduling tools are also very intuitive and can be easily accessed via any kind of computing platform, such as, Android, Linux, Mac and Windows. All you need is a modern web browser that supports HTML5 to manage your digital signage…like a Breeze.

Ease of Deployment

The Breeze media player is a plug and play network appliance. There are not any IT configurations or settings to adjust whatsoever. If you can plug in an Ethernet (or WiFi), HDMI and power cable, you are qualified to deploy Breeze Digital Signage worldwide!

Lower Cost of Entry

If you factor in the time and cost savings associated with built-in backups, built-in security, built-in software maintenance, built-in support, built-in software updates, built-in server maintenance, built-in template design, and built-in scalability—Breeze goes places that old-school products cannot go at any price. Also, the Breeze player cost less because it needs less CPU power than over burdened PC-based systems, yet Breeze player has enough power to deliver high-quality HD media in multiple zones producing stunning results.

More Reliable

Breeze delivers greater reliability because Keywest Technology is responsible for the upkeep and hosting of the servers in the Cloud. Of course, not all cloud service providers are created equal. That’s why Breeze resides on the most reliable and innovative cloud provider in the world—RackSpace. We guarantee a 99.75% uptime with Breeze or you get free performance credits. Read our SaaS Agreement for complete details.

Latest and Greatest Features and Functions

All customers get automatic updates of any kind–for FREE!. Even the player updates are downloaded automatically. This process happens seamlessly so you won’t even notice, except when you login and see additional goodies installed and ready to use—delivering nice surprises just like the tooth fairy. Of course, such news is announced via email and within the Breeze Dashboard that keeps you informed of all our product developments.

Secure Access and Hosting

Security is always a top issue with the developers of Breeze Digital Signage, so we’re quick to say we infused this product with the most secure practices available. No matter if your data is moving up or down in the Breeze cloud, it’s encrypted for maximum security. We designed Breeze architecture with HTTPS 128 bit encrypted data transfer, so data is private and secured even on a public Internet connection. Also, that’s why we contracted with top-rated RackSpace to provide our cloud-hosting service, which provides the most advanced security techniques available.


Stand-alone servers are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Server virtualization has become the new standard for modern enterprise. Besides overall lower cost and more reliability, scalability is a major advantage of a Cloud server–whether public or private. We can scale the size of Breeze server to be whatever you need it to be. Port connections, bandwidth, computing power, storage space and applied RAM memory can now be throttled according to usage. You no longer are stuck with having to pay for something that you only utilize (peak loads) only once in a while. This saves considerable money for both IT management and maintenance, providing a tailored solution for our clients rather than treating everyone the same.